About Me

I started running April of 2008, and in Feb 2009 I finally gathered up the courage to enter my first race, the Al Gordon 5K. At that point I had never even run in Prospect Park before! I finished somewhere around 32:20, and was so proud (and tired!) after that race. I devoured my post race bagel like a champ.

Since then I've run over 20 half marathons and 6 marathons. Since 2009 I've been able to shave off a half hour from both my marathon and half marathon times. My goals are always to get faster, stay in shape, and celebrate with a beer (or Dairy Queen) afterwards!

In 2012 I decided to follow my passion, and become an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and I received my RRCA Coaching Certification in July 2013. I can be found assisting Josh in his weekend long runs throughout the summer!

I also would like to give a special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who has been very supportive and patient with me all these years. And he even still surprises me with gifts like the wonderful frame below.

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