Thursday, March 29, 2012


I thought I was invincible. Tapering for a half marathon? Phsaw. Easy. Whatever. I wont even notice I'm tapering.

Yeah okay. So I'm starting to go crazy. I'm not sure why, because I ran about 27 miles last week. (13 over the weekend) I had a track workout on Tuesday that was about 5 miles total, and I have a 5 mile tempo run tonight. But my mind is going crazy. Friday is a rest day. Rest??? You mean, do nothing?? Impossible! I'm debating sneaking in a rogue yoga session tomorrow morning, or at least doing some sort of core/upper body workout, depending on how my shoulder is feeling. (Um, my coach doesn't read this, right?)

Feelings restless is a feeling that I unfortunately know too well, and I guess since I'm really excited for this race that's pretty much all I can think about at this point. I'm trying to wrangle up all my mojo, updating my iPod shuffle with all the best power songs I can think of, (I made a last minute decision to add "Paris" on there...) and planning my race day outfit (my favorite pair of capris, a singlet and arm warmers)

Further proof that I'm going taper-crazy? I've blogged twice in one week.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bite me?

Okay, so I told Tracy about this story, and told her she had to blog about it, but I have to chime in too because it just grosses me out that much. 
I got an email yesterday from Well & Good (which is one of those newsletters I've been meaning to unsubscribe to for some time...) and the subject of the email was "The Rock Star Massage Therapist Who Bites" Um, okay? Of course I click on it to see what the article is about. 

"Dr. Dot, a big-deal massage therapist to big-deal rock stars, began my massage by biting me. At most spas, it would be grounds for dismissal. But that’s how Dr. Dot kicks off most of her otherwise regulation (and generally excellent) deep-tissue treatments.Dorothy Stein—dubbed Dr. Dot by Frank Zappa—gave her first backstage massages to Def Leppard when she was 15, traded rubdowns for concert tickets from 1983 to 1994 (and sometimes still does), and saw more than 3,000 shows for free.The “Bite Method” became part of her persona as the leading light of “backstage massage.” And, if you were wondering, it actually felt kind of nice—a sort of wet pinching sensation along my spine—once I got my head around the boundary issue. She played nice by asking me first and didn’t leave any bite marks.“We’re the pit bulls of massage,” she says of her team’s focus on deep tissue. “Musicians need a strong massage. The rubbie-dub stuff won’t help.”"
(You can read the entire article here: )

Now, first of all, I just think this is disgusting. It reminds me of when your grandmother would spit on a tissue and wipe the smutz off your face. (Sorry grandma! Love you!) Secondly, this is just bull. I know a bunch of you out there have gone to GAIL. This woman has worked at the Olympic trials. She is amazing. She will fix whatever is wrong with you, and make you cry in the meantime. If you say "Oh I'm so badass that no massage therapist could ever hurt me." I challenge you to go to Gail. That woman is truly a miracle worker! I'm pretty sure she could work a kink or two out of Frank Zappa.
Totally unrelated, my big race is this weekend, and I am getting increasingly excited. I leave you all with a quote that popped into my inbox this morning. 

Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Firstly, I'd like to congratulate all of my friends who ran yesterday. Whether it was the NYC Half, LA Marathon, GA Marathon, or another race, it seemed like everyone was kicking ass, and many of you set some crazy PRs!

Watching everyone's times come in yesterday had me thinking about my own race in just under two weeks. I'm not sure I have mentioned it yet, but on April 1st, I'll be running the Atlantic City Fool's Half Marathon. For some reason I love the idea of running a race on April Fool's day, although I absolutely hate being tricked on that day! (You've been warned!)

The race is all on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, which I kind of like the idea of, since I run on the Coney Island boardwalk so often. Though I hope that the AC boardwalk is in much better shape than the CI one is! A race on the boardwalk means it's flat, and fast. Flat and fast means I am planning to tear it up.

It was so exciting to hear about everyone's half marathon PRs yesterday. It seemed like so many of my friends were running in the 1:4x:xx. It just made me realize how bad I want to run a sub 2:00 half marathon. I feel like it's something inside me that's just screaming to get out.

I had a good 8 miler this weekend, my goal was to warm up, run 4 fast, and the last 2 even faster. It wasn't easy, but I had a solid run. An encouraging run. A confidence building run. I am no longer afraid of running a 9:00 mile, or seeing sub 9's pop up on my Garmin. I'm comfortable with running faster. I'm letting it come naturally and trying to except it.

I'm trying not to be over confident about my race on April 1st, but I know I will need that confidence to get me through 13.1 miles.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MCM, Week 3 and the Celebrate Life Half!

I'm sure you all noticed that there was no "training week 3" wrap up...that was because it was my birthday on Thursday, and I was out of town, and last week just wasn't that spectacular. Nor has this week been. Wait what week am I even up to right now?

So this seems like the perfect time to write about my second huge goal for 2012, Marine Corps Marathon! Yes, I was supremely lucky and was able to register within the first 3 hours. I have never done MCM, and honestly haven't been to DC since I was a teen. I'm looking forward to it, but I am also super nervous because I've already set some pretty high goals for myself.

See that photo? That's from probably the most scenic race I've ever done, the Celebrate Life Half in Rock Hill, NY. (Okay, laugh about the name of the race, it is kind of over the top) I was also a bit nervous about running this race, my first half of the year! It was definitely hilly, but the weird thing was, my legs didn't feel fatigued at all during the race, though I did hit a bit of a wall miles 5-8 that really slowed me down. But eventually I got over it, and ran the final 5k at a 9:30 pace, and finished in 2:10:13, which was my 4th fastest time. And it was about 12 minutes faster than last years first half marathon (a very undertrained Manhattan Half)

So I feel like I'm starting at a really good place this year. There are some definite strengths, and some definite weaknesses, but at least I know what they are and what to work on! I am definitely looking forward to running the Atlantic City Half on April 1st and seeing what I can do on a pancake course!